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To perform, manage and coordinate the activities relevant to the cost control process during the execution of any size and complexity Project, under the guidance of the Project Control Manager, in compliance with Company’s quality requirement, the Project Execution Plan and in full accordance with the Company’s standard methodologies and procedures. To be accountable, for the control, guidance, supervision and monitoring of the day-by-day activities of the Cost Control team, in all Operating Centers.

In particular, the Cost Control Senior Engineer is responsible during the execution phase of the project to:

  • ·        Assist the Project Control Manager during the “Handing over Meeting” endorsing the backup documentation prepared during the bidding phase for the Project, being active part during the analysis of data in terms of structures, congruities and traceability;
  • ·        Develop the Original Budget after the handover of the Commercial one received during the “Handing over meeting”;
  • ·        Develop the first revision of the cost production and cashflow curves of the project, in order to provide the data to Project Finance for the setup of Project Derivatives;
  • ·        Establish, within the Cost Control System, the project Organization Scheme (Joint Ventures, Consortium, etc.) with the details data as per standard CBS;
  • ·        Ensure full and autonomous knowledge of the necessary Company Tools to the role, such as Project Objects, SAP, Marian, Capital Project;
  • ·        Set up and implement the Project “Invoicing Register” as per Company procedures and Department’s standard;
  • ·        Set up and organize / manage the Project activities workflow as defined in relevant Company’s Procedure, assigning specific activities to the Cost Control team mobilized in Home Office, other Project Operating Centers (when applicable) and Site;
  • ·        Develop the Invoicing Procedure in accordance with the Contractual requirements as per Project Director/Manager and Project Control Manager indications;
  • ·        Assist the Project Control Manager during the assessment of the “Estimate to Complete” for Project Phases (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning);
  • ·        Assist the Project team during the evaluation of the Accruals cost for each Project Phases.
  • ·        Perform the periodical control activities to assess the project forecasts in terms of revenues, costs and profitability evidencing any deviations versus the Original/Revised Budget to the Project Control Manager;
  • ·        Support the Project Team and the Risks Analysis team to evaluate costs impact and the contingency allocation due to potential variations (Scope of Work, Change order, Contract variations, etc.);
  • ·        Support the Contract Manager in evaluating cost impact connected with both internal and external changes;
  • ·        Populate the Budget Deviation form for PD/PM assessment and approval in case of overrun.
  • ·        Prepare and update the Contractual Revenues Matrix in case of Project financing structures (Sace, or other State or Private Bank funding);
  • ·        Prepare/maintain and periodically issue on a timely basis, prior Project Director/Project Manager’ approval, the “Periodical Reports” and the Corporate Budget/Revised budget with particular regard to:
  • a.    PSR (Project Status Report)
  • b.    Cost Control Report
  • c.    Monthly prorated costs/revenues
  • d.    Cash Flow
  • e.    Site Cost Control Report
  • ·        Guarantee proper interface with Company Financial and Project Control Department;
  • ·        Grant a proactive approach as part of the Project Team oriented to the fulfillment of the project objectives;
  • As a member of the department the duties of the cost control Senior engineer are:
  • ·        To provide a feedback to the Responsible of Cost Control concerning problems/deviations arising from the application of standard methods and work instruction to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department;
  • ·        To guarantee the integrity of the data during to assessment of the Estimate to Complete;
  • ·        To ensure technical specific improvement of the discipline;
  • ·        To ensure the professional growth of the Cost Control Engineers and Junior Cost Controllers.

Company Details
Office: Roma

Maire Tecnimont SpA - Registered Office - Viale Castello della Magliana 27 00148 Rome - Italy

Operative Headquarters - Via Gaetano De Castillia 6A 20124 Milan - Italy

Fully paid up Company share capital € 19.920.679,32 - Tax Code, VAT number and Rome Company register number: 07673571001

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