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Job Post:    Subcontract Administration Manager


Subcontract Administration Manager

The Subcontract Administration Manager (hereinafter SAM) at Site has the duty to manage the construction Subcontracts awarded by Home Office Subcontracting Department and operates and report to Site Manager (STM) at Project level and to Subcontract Administration Management Head of Department (SAMHoD) at company level.


  • ·        Gains a deep knowledge of the Subcontracts and relevant Annexes.
  • ·        Gains the knowledge of the Subcontract Price breakdown and the logic of the Project Schedule.
  • ·        Prepares reports or any other document related to specific subcontract issues/topics.
  • ·        Prepares, in cooperation with Site Manager (STM), letters and manages the IN/OUT correspondence with the Subcontractors., to keep under strict control and prevent and mitigate Company’s risks.
  • ·        Keeps record of and preparing notifications to the Subcontracts regarding their failure to comply with contractual obligations.
  • ·        Analyze Requests of Change and/or Claims submitted by subcontractors and prepares formal replies, seeking the cooperation of the Project team members and working in coordination with the Subcontract Administration Management Head of Department.
  • ·        Prepares Claims versus subcontractors, seeking the cooperation of the Project team members and working in coordination with the Subcontract Administration Management Head of Department.
  • ·        Identify with the Contract Manager the main criticalities of the subcontracts in order to analyze the potential impacts of the Contract with the Client and implement the necessary action in strict coordination with the Subcontract Administration Management Head of Department.
  • ·        Resolve disputes (if any) with Subcontractors,
  • ·        Instruct Subcontractors on the procedure of Administration (methods for preparation of accounting, evaluation of extra works, interim and final payment certificates, etc.).
  • ·        Review, the accounting (pricing or accounting sheets) submitted by Subcontractors.
  • ·        Review, comment, approve Subcontractor's Interim and Final Progress Payment Certificate(s) (PPC)
  • ·        Issue to Subcontractors the authorizations for invoicing.
  • ·        Ensure that extra works, new unit prices, claims, “back-charges”, liquidated damages and close out of the Subcontracts are managed in accordance with the relevant Company’s procedures.
  • ·        Ensure receipt of copy of all drawings issued for construction to be kept, properly filed, for accounting records purposes in accordance with the relevant procedure.
  • ·        Ensure that all Subcontracts and accounting documents are properly filed and in auditable conditions in accordance with the relevant procedure.
  • ·        Preliminary assess, together with Site Manager, Subcontractors claims.
  • ·        Check and ensure receipt of all Subcontract documents from Home Office.
  • ·        Prepare and transmit to SAMHoD the draft of all Subcontracts Amendments and verify/expedite timely formal issue to Subcontractors.
  • ·        Ensure that the final payment certificate is complete in all details as per Company policy
  • ·        Prepare along with Site Manager the Performance Evaluation of all Subcontractors.
  • The SAM has a multidisciplinary knowledge of all the works (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumental and Insulation).





  • ·        Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree or Master Degree on relevant disciplines.
  • ·        Relevant work Experience: at least 6-7 years of experience as SAM. Both home office and abroad experience suits the ideal candidate.
  • ·        Availability to be relocated abroad.
  • ·        Fluent English speaker. The knowledge of the language will be tested over the interview.
  • ·        Good communication and management skills, possess a high level of organizational ability.
  • ·        Team worker
  • ·        Develop troubleshooting, problem solving, and creative/innovative thought processing skills.
  • ·        Ability to work in a commercial manner and adapt to a changing, fast-paced environment.
  • ·        To be able to manage high level of complexity and be adapt to quick scenario changes
  • ·        Attention to details, self-motivation and direction, with strong bias towards timely performance




  • ·        Only candidates with significant experience, consistent with the relevant field, will be considered for this position
  • ·        The information submitted shall include:





Only candidates with real willingness and availability to work abroad will be considered.


Experience: 5/6 y

English knowledge: Fluent

Company Details
Office: Roma

Maire Tecnimont SpA - Registered Office - Viale Castello della Magliana 27 00148 Rome - Italy

Operative Headquarters - Via Gaetano De Castillia 6A 20124 Milan - Italy

Fully paid up Company share capital € 19.920.679,32 - Tax Code, VAT number and Rome Company register number: 07673571001

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