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Ensure the performance of the subcontracting activities, in accordance with Construction Subcontracting Procedure and Project specific procedures (for example Project Execution Plan, Construction Execution Plan, Main Contract Constraint and List of Back-to-Back Principles, etc).


  • Prepare, get approvals and issue the Project Construction Subcontracting Procedure (if any), the Subcontracting Plan and Strategy, the Project Subcontractors List and the Bidder List;
  • Expedite and follow up the construction department for the assessment of the clearness, completeness and consistency with Subcontract Documents List of the documents issued  by Technical Disciplines and availability of Construction Schedules and Budgets from Project Control; ensure the review of the documents, as appropriate, also notifying the Project Director/Project Manager of any delay;
  • Take care of all the activities functional to the issue of the Inquiries to subcontractors, including obtainment of the confidentiality agreements duly signed, preparation of Instruction to Bidders and Subcontract Documentation, expedite the answers of Subcontractors and log the status of the tenders;
  • Perform the bids opening procedure in accordance with Project Subcontracting Procedure and examine the relevant Contractual section of the received quotations.
  • Ensure the distribution of the information received from the Subcontractors to the relevant Functions for their specific analyses (in particular: unpriced quotations to the Functions involved in the Technical Bid Evaluation; negotiate any deviation of commercial terms and conditions coordinating with  Contract Management, Procurement, Legal, Group Finance; financial information to Group Planning & Control for the Financial Bid Evaluation), tracking the related results;
  • Guarantee the different phases of the Economic Bids Evaluation refinement, from the preliminary Bid Evaluation, through the intermediate, until the Final Economic Bid Evaluation, chairing the related evaluation processes and clarification meetings with subcontractors, as well as maintaining the offer continuously updated;
  • Estimate of the construction costs of new price list quantities received by engineering departments comparing with the original proposal. In case of new items/activities, estimate them utilizing the database or acting on the market, for relevant evaluation;
  • Periodically report to subcontracting heads of department the status of bidding and subcontract status (Subcontracting Report) highlighting the main constrains and/or area of "concerns", planning the actual status of subcontract status already agreed with the project team;Issue the Subcontracts taking care of getting all the approvals and authorized signature, managing also the related distribution to the relevant Functions/Contractors;
  • Ensure the update of an archive of technical and commercial data related to Subcontracts, to be used for the preparation of future subcontract activities;
  • Assist Subcontracts Administration Management in the resolution of claims or clarification on Subcontract Special Clauses interpretation, if required;
  • Assist, as required, Construction Proposals during the construction estimating process (subcontractor selection, obtaining quotations, negotiations of prices and terms and condition in case of "Pre-Award Agreements");
  • Keep Subcontracts Administration Manager, PD/PM and the Responsible of Subcontracting informed of all critical areas and recommend corrective actions.



Other requirements:                                                                            



  • Good level of English language as minimum (written and spoken)
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the same position in Oil and gas/ Petrochemical projects and 3 years of experience at job sites any position


Company Details
Office: Roma

Maire Tecnimont SpA - Registered Office - Viale Castello della Magliana 27 00148 Rome - Italy

Operative Headquarters - Via Gaetano De Castillia 6A 20124 Milan - Italy

Fully paid up Company share capital € 19.920.679,32 - Tax Code, VAT number and Rome Company register number: 07673571001

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that for dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, has chosen to use the system named 1INFO (, managed by Computershare S.p.A. with registered offices in Milan and authorized by Consob with resolutions no. 18852 of April 9, 2014 and no. 18994 of July 9, 2014.