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She/He is the Project Engineering Team Leader, co-operating with the Project Engineers, on the specific

projects requirements. She/He supervises and co-ordinates all the engineering activities, attaining to the

budget, she/he controls that the contract’s, as well as the execution activities’ schedule, are respected.



  • To prepare and to discuss with the Project Director/Project Manager, the Proposal Manager, the Procurement Manager, the Construction Manager and the Project Control Manager, helped by the

    Project Leader and supported by the Head of Department, the project execution strategy (also during

    the proposal phase) and to guarantee its application during its whole life period.


  • To define and to attain to, while coordinating and cooperating with the Project Leaders, the

    procedures, the guide lines, and the technical project’s standards.


  • To adopt technical solutions, which optimize the project’s costs in accordance with the contract’s

    technical requirements.


  • To ensure the overall technical co-ordination system, among the various engineering development

    project centers (other group subsidiaries, sub- contractors, partners)


  • To manage, with the help of the Project Leaders e Project Engineers, the manhours budget of the

    project’s engineering activities.


  • To check and manage the project amendments, focusing on minimizing project execution’s delays and



  • To co-ordinate the project design review meetings;


  • To participate to the project’s definition schedule, while involving the Project Leaders and

    guaranteeing total congruence and feasibility;


  • To ensure her/his technical support to the various Company Management Departments, both during

    the proposal phase and during the preparation of the necessary project documentation for the job

    subcontract, and the orders’ suppliers assignment, as well as during the job execution phases;


  • To guarantee the technical interface with the customer, concerning all the project’s issues which can

    arise and can be significant, in terms of project’s timing realization and in terms of project’s costs.


    As a Department member the PEM responsibilities are:


  • To provide a feedback to the Head of Department concerning the issues and the problems arised from

    adopting procedures and standard work instructions, in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency

    in the Department.


  • To promote the professional growth of other internal resources in his own Department or even of

    other Departments, also holding specific training courses when required, in accordance with his own

    Department demand.


  • To compare and exchange experiences with his colleagues (PEM) among the Group Companies.


  • To help in the professional growth resources of other Departments also through specific training

    courses in accordance with his own Department demand.


  • To be up to date about the developments and progressions of his own Department.
  • Degree in engineering discipline
  •  Work experience: 8/10 years gained in engineering companies
  • Fluency in English
  • Availability to travel
  • Company Details
    Office: Roma

    Maire Tecnimont SpA - Registered Office - Viale Castello della Magliana 27 00148 Rome - Italy

    Operative Headquarters - Via Gaetano De Castillia 6A 20124 Milan - Italy

    Fully paid up Company share capital € 19.920.679,32 - Tax Code, VAT number and Rome Company register number: 07673571001

    Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that for dissemination and storage of Regulated Information, has chosen to use the system named 1INFO (, managed by Computershare S.p.A. with registered offices in Milan and authorized by Consob with resolutions no. 18852 of April 9, 2014 and no. 18994 of July 9, 2014.