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LAYOUT & PIPING MATERIALS & PIPING CLASSES ENGINEER executes, according to safety and cost-effectiveness criteria, Contractual requirements and International Codes and Standards, the activities relevant to the piping materials specification, the purchasing requirements definition, the material supply technical follow up.

Key Activities & Responsibilities

  •  He/She develops the piping material specifications (“piping classes”) on the basis of fluid lists and applicable process data sheets, in compliance with Contractual requirements and International Codes and Standards. The activity includes the piping thickness calculation, the rating curve check, the branch table definition, the valves specification etc., and brings to the preparation of the project component catalogue through the use of a Software linked to a Company customized database. 
  • He/She prepares the piping bulk, valves and special piping components supply specifications and purchasing requirements, enabling the procurement of the components required in the Project
  • He/She executes the technical bid evaluation relevant to the above components, ensuring the supply technical requirements are clearly understood by enquired Vendors.
  • He/She superintends the Vendor document management relevant to piping and valves supply.

Personal Attributes:

  • Master’s degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Material Science or symilar technical field.
  • Minimum 6/8 years in piping materials.
  • Material and Metallurgical background with knowledge of material selection piping, for application in petrochemical, power and oil & gas industry.
  • Fluent English speaker and writer.
  • Availability to travel for short periods in Italy and abroad.
Company Details
Company: Tecnimont
Office: Milano